This is my wife of 21 years and if I had to do it all over again

I would say I do in a minute.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer

10 years ago and is still in remission. I can say one thing for sure, she 

has been a fighter from the first day and never complained about it.  She says the thing she

fought the hardest for was myself and our  son, Cody.  She likes to quote and old friend who

told her that she was too mean and contrary to give up.  Cancer did not know who he was up

against.  She has always been positive and put her faith in the Lord.  Im so

thankful for her and proud to call her my wife.  She and the Lord have  

been the rock and foundation for our family.









One of her favorite things  besides going shopping is going to the

beach and soaking up the sun.